The truth of these interactions isn't the truth of the sitter but the truth of the moment as fleeting and unpredictable as the expressions on his sitters' faces. If we take him at his word, his portraits describe neither Avedon nor his subjects, but their interactions, the way the desires, expectations and experiences of both photographer and sitter negotiate themselves during the split second of exposure, each enacting their understanding of the world through the opportunities of the moment.

— Afterimage, Sept-Oct 1995, by Vince Leo

Snowfall is like forgiveness.
— Emmet Gowin, Photographs Not Taken

From the series My Pie Town, by Debbie Grossman.

From the series My Pie Town, by Debbie Grossman.

Alice O’Malley

Alice O’Malley

Del LaGrace VolcanoThe Boy Lee, 1995

Del LaGrace Volcano
The Boy Lee, 1995

Larry ClarkTeenage Lust

Larry Clark
Teenage Lust

Deana LawsonBinky & Tony Forever

Deana Lawson
Binky & Tony Forever

Sharon LockhartAudition, Darija and Daniel, 2002 

Sharon Lockhart
Audition, Darija and Daniel, 2002 

Bernard Faucon
Summer camp, 1976-1981 

Thobias Faldt
Year One